USAC Level 3 Certified Coach (December 2012)

CAT 1 XC racer and expert level endurance racer

My passion for racing and data mining has given me the unique ability to be able to analyze to make correlations between all data that can be measured with current cycling devices. I used a combination of my data mining skills and techniques and methodologies that I learned through research and communication with many top athletes and coaches to help take myself from a slow weekend warrior who couldn’t handle a 2 hour ride to being a highly competitive expert level 12 hour racer, winning the CA State Endurance Championships in 2012 and placing 2nd in the expert class in the 2011 12 Hours of Temecula series, placing 3rd overall in the second race (second to none other than Tinker Juarez and local wonder boy Danny Munoz).

The experience I gained in transforming myself and escalating my fitness, gives me an edge with helping you do the same with your fitness. I understand the hard work that goes into building a solid foundation and then using that foundation to build explosive speed. I also understand the sacrifices that must be made and have dealt with all of the mental challenges that you will face and can provide you support to get through them.