Trying to find time to train is a pretty tough thing to do. Well, I suppose the Pro racers whose job is to train don’t have a hard time finding time to train, but for us regular40+ hour work week folks, it is difficult. My solution was to try waking up early to get in my training. It has been working well, er, somewhat well.


Lately, something has been up with mother nature. I think she forgot that I live in Moreno Valley and has been giving me the weather that I experienced when I was in San Francisco. It has been progressively getting worse.


It started out last week with some fog. Fog is no big deal. I live up on a hill, so if it is foggy when I open the garage, I ride down hill and stay in Riverside, below the fog. If it is clear when I open the garage and I run into fog as I am heading down the hill, I turn around and stay up in Moreno Valley, above the fog. So, the fog is a little annoying because it destroys any visibility I have and makes me feel even more invisible to cars, especially at 5am, but it is manageable.


Well, the fog has been getting worse. More dense. I can’t escape it. Then, today, it is so dense and moist that the streets are soaked. It’s almost as if I am riding in a small amount of rain. I head down towards Riverside and it gets worse. I turn around, pit stop at home to wipe off my glasses and lights. Start heading east to stay in Moreno Valley and it stays dry for a bit. Eventually (a very fast eventually), I hit the dense fog/mist in Moreno Valley. I keep riding and it is not getting any better. I decide to turn back and ride home.


I’m not ready to ride in the rain just yet, especially when it will be a nice clear 85°F this afternoon.