Pinkwater – A nickname that Karl, my bosses boss, gave me. I still don’t know why I got it. A coworker in the adjacent cubicle was drinking some flavored water and the color happened to be pink. It was not sitting on my desk, but on the adjacent desk. Yet, when Karl arrived one morning, he started calling me agent pinkwater. As time went by, I grew to like it.

Coach – A person who trains athletes


I love cycling and everything about it. I eventually want to get a job (engineering type) in the cycling industry. I’m not currently able to leave Riverside. My wife has a contract to stay at the hospital she is at for a few more months and I am starting my Masters degree in September at the University of California – Riverside campus. So, in order to immerse myself in the sport of cycling, I am going to get my USAC level 3 coaching license. Then, when available, I will get my Level 2 license. Once having that for several years, I will get my level 1 coaching license.

So, I’m hoping to have the level 3 license by the end of the month.

If you would like to be one of my athletes, contact me using the contact tab on the right side of my page.