I have not been on the computer a lot lately, but a lot has changed! STRAVA has been working on updating their ride views. TrainingPeaks has been totally revamping their site (but it is in beta mode now and I haven’t gotten the invite I requested). I am now a dad and have been trying to work my schedule to figure out how to train. I’m almost there.


I have been fighting a lot lately, though. I train to race mountain bikes. Long races. Yet, I do a lot of training on the road. Nothing is wrong with that, except that I spend a lot of time on the road bike. Why not get some road tires for my mountain bike and have an extra mountain bike, instead of a road and a mountain bike. So, I’ve been contemplating that for a bit and decided I wont miss the road bike much, except that I wont be able to try to keep beating my Breathless Agony time. I can still go long on the road and do 5-6 hour rides. The training will transfer over to MTB racing better, because geometry will be the same, positioning will be the same, and I will have a spare bike for those 12 hour races.


Next step, test it out! I noticed a broken spoke on my road wheels, so I dropped the wheel off to get repaired and picked up some road tires for my MTB to use in the mean time. I’ll see how it is commuting and maybe try a long ride this weekend.


Speaking of this weekend, it is the big bear state endurance championships. I was excited for the race, until I looked at my power data from last year and noticed that I have gotten weaker. By a lot! That’s OK though. I have had to struggle to learn how to fit training in with a new daughter and I am still learning and figuring it out. This just means I have time to improve. Just to illustrate my fears….I rode at 227ish watts for my normalized power at big bear last year, where as my most recent race was at 200 watts normalized power. Granted, a faster course will show a faster NP than a slower course, so its not a super even comparison. But the race will be good experience for me. I am testing out Infinite Nutrition and have used it on a few rides with good success so far. The real test will come this weekend though.


And with that, here is a recent workout I did with my dog. He is learning how to run with me and pulling me around. I just want to play with the embedding feature with STRAVA.