This is how I feel.

My last X-ray did not show any new bone formation. The last X-ray was almost 11 weeks after the break. I go back in a week and a half to see if anything has change. If no bone is showing, I have two options. Opt for plate fixation or get a bone stimulator.

I am inclined to try the bone stimulator because I have already waited 12 weeks for the healing to happen without surgery, but I also am tired of waiting and want to return to normal activity.

In other news, I think the triathlon bug is coming back. For some reason, I have been interested in running/swimming again. I am thinking about doing a triathlon race this summer and possibly training for another half ironman. The only drawback about triathlons is that I do not have a triathlon bike anymore. However, if I can become a decent runner, I will buy another triathlon bike. I think that, if I had been a good runner a couple years ago, I would have continued to do triathlons and been a decent triathlete by now. I always had solid swim and fast bike splits, but would lose my placing on the run.

So, due to my damaged clavicle, I think I will forgo mountain bike racing for at least this year. I doubt my bone has much, if any strength and the slow bone growth pace makes me think it will be like this for quite some time. Mountain biking places much stress on the upper body and I want to be sure my clavicle is ready for that stress before I stress it. No, I will not give it up altogether, I will just find other things to do in the spare time until my body is up for the challenge again.

Quick summary: Bone not forming. Interested in running again. If bone heals, I can start swimming and do a triathlon this summer. Train hard all winter and be very fast for the 2013 mountain bike season.