I figured I’d start writing race reports and I’d try and write them the night after the race. This way, I could remember a bit more about the race. Well, I’ve already forgotten most of the race. No, my memory isn’t that bad, I was just putting everything I had into the pedals that I think my brain shut down. So, I’ll try and hit on everything that I remember about the race.


I felt nervous as I did before every race and lined up in the top quarter of the field. Everyone took off and a group of like 20 guys formed at the front, but I missed the group. At that point, I figured I’d just get in a nice hard training ride because I was already too far back to be competitive. So, I sat in at my pace up the first climb. I remember leap-frogging with a few guys, but I could hear them breathing and it sounded like they were sprinting, so I just held my pace and let them try to be heros.


After a while, when everyone else settled into their paces, I found myself alone working to catch a guy (red pants) that was, by my count, about 45 seconds ahead. I finally caught him on the second half of the loop. We took turns taking pulls across the flat part of the course and pulled our way up to another guy (blue shirt). After completion of the first lap, the three of us were still together. Blue shirt would power up the climbs and red pants was slowing down a bit. Eventually, red pants got dropped and I rode the next 15 miles with blue shirt. I did have a couple issues on the first single track trail. I was making dumb mistakes and had to try to calm myself down to make sure to not crash.


On the second half of the second lap, blue shirt finally pulled away and went on to pass a couple of other riders. I got within 30 seconds of the next guy, but finally bonked and had to slow my pace. I slowed enough to keep my position and not cramp. and finished the line 11th overall, 2nd amateur, 1st in expert men. Fist place, Ben Bostrom, came in at just over 3:14 and I finished in just over 3:32. It’s also worthy to not that there were probably 4 guys that finished within the 5 minutes prior to me finishing.


Overall it was a very good race. I would always have liked to been faster, but I think I rode as fast as I possibly could. The race couldn’t have come at a better time, with only 8 weeks until the Vision Quest, I am now very motivated to get in a lot more high intensity workouts on the trainer. Not sure what my next race is, but there are a few road races and a couple MTB races coming up in the next month.