2012 was a good year and a bad year, all at the same time. I started the year off great. My training was going well, I was getting very fit. Then, I crashed and broke my collarbone. What I thought would be a nice 4-6 weeks off turned into months. I went against doctors orders (seems to happen a lot with athletes?) and raced the Whiskey 50, Breathless Agony, and the June 12 hour race. I didn’t do too well at any of them, but I did surprise myself during Breathless Agony with a time under 5:15 to the summit. In August, I was finally cleared to go back to “normal” activities. I then raced the Bike for Bender 6 hour race, the CA State Marathon Championships (won the 19-29 CAT1 group), and the November 12 hour race. I’d say I only had one great race, which was the CA state champs. My November 12 hour race was going well, until my fork decided it would rather stay compressed than function properly. Overall, though, the year was enjoyable. I made new friends, new connections, the Don’s Race Team is expanding and picking up sponsors, and I decided to start coaching. The biggest morsel of news yet is that my wife is pregnant and my training will have to take a backseat, for a while.

So, goodbye 2012. You were fun, then you sucked, then you were fun again. Here is a small mix of all of my 2012 videos.