I think it’s time to get a small TV to put out in my training compound. We’ve had a bout of the stomach flu going through the house. Luckily, my incarnation of it didn’t last more than a few days. A had 2 bad days, where my stomach delegated me to the sofa in the fetal position, which were then proceeded by a few more days of little food and some on again of again stomach distress.

My wife and daughter, on the other hand, didn’t have it quite as easily as I had. My daughter got sick around the same time I did, but had another flare up of vomit on Saturday night, the same night my wife started here porcelain campaign. So, with the rest of the house suck, I couldn’t get out of the house to ride on Sunday, so I made the best with the but of time I had while they were napping and hoped on the trainer.

As you can guess it was very mind numbing. I played some music and watched some videos on YouTube, but neither of those helped much to battle the boredom. The timer eventually ticked over to 2 hours,which was the time allotted to the day for training and I happily stepped off the bike.

Now, enjoy the view I had for two hours while riding the trainer.


I got to stare at this wall for 2 hours. ...yay!