I’ve been on the injured list quite a bit lately. I’d say its a bad thing, but at the same time, it isn’t. It is teaching me a lot about training and being able to take time off. I’m learning that I can skip a workout to take care of my husbandly duties, and soon, fatherly duties.

It is also helping to teach me how to deal with depression. When I first got my most recent injury, I got a little depressed. I injured my knee, so I’m not able to hop on the bike on the trainer like I did last year with my broken clavicle. In fact, I can barely walk right now. Not only could I not ride, but I can’t race and it is prime racing season. I had to miss all the races last year and am missing a large chunk of them this year. Once I do get to race again, I’ll have lost most of the fitness i picked up over the off-season and likely, wont have good results. All of that together sent my spirits down a bit. This led me to a very sugary, not very healthy diet, which, ultimately, ruined my power to weight ratio even more than just losing fitness. I gained a kg or two, or three!

So, now I’m learning how to deal with everything and it is a good thing. I don’t have to be the fastest person out there. The reason why I ride is because I enjoy it and it makes me happy. It is not because I need to be the fastest person out there. I sort of lost sight of that a bit. I also love riding because it helps me to feel more confident. It helps to bring me out of my shell and open up and meet new people. I don’t love riding because I feel I need to beat everyone. I love overcoming challenges and seeing what I can push myself to do, regardless of whether or not I beat the guy next to me. I lost sight of that lately.

So, injuries do suck. They are uncomfortable and you have to deal with comments from people who just don’t get it (and say things like, “you should quit riding, you keep getting injured). Luckily though, it seems as if this injury is just a large flesh wound (although I do have this one spot on my knee cap that hurts whenever I touch it. The X-ray looks OK to me, but I’m not a doctor) and I should be back in another week or so. I hope to see you all at the start line of the San Dimas stage race. No, I am not going there to win. I am going to push myself to my limits and see what my body is capable of.