Mid last year I got into video games again. Maybe it was because I was watching TBS and they just happened to air the Counter Strike world championships. Either way, I found myself being interested in gaming again. I loaded up steam and starting downloading my old games. Of course, I logged into Counter Strike and was having a blast playing with one of my nephews, but it got boring after a short period of time. Guess I’m not into gaming anymore.

Well, I thought, let me try some other types of games. I started playing some of my old racing games. I was having a blast. So, I started searching the classifieds for a driving seat that I could mount my cheap logitech driving force wheel to. I found someone selling a playseat for a very reasonable price. So, now with my driving seat/steering wheel set-up, I was good to go.

I then began to research fun driving simulation games. I found a few; Asseto Corsa, rFactor 2, iRacing. After some reading online, video watching on youtube, and some time spent thinking, I decided to sign up for iRacing. I downloaded to stock content and started practicing. What a blast!

I immediately started racing in the mazda miata series. I mean, it was created for beginners. Going wheel to wheel (virtually) against othere people was a blast. I guess I really am back into video games.

Fast forward a few months and I am still trying to get races in every week. I even joined a league that heighten the competition factor, the Pacific Majors. It is a 13 race series for most of the North American racers. I think Canada actually has the largest club in the league.

Aside from the league, iRacing hosts several championships throughout the year, depending on your current license. So, for 2017, I have decided to focus on one series in addition to the Pacific Masters racing league, the Skip Barber Racing Series.

This just happens to be week 1 of the first season in 2017. The  race was located at the Okayama International Speedway.


Here’s how my races went for the week

Race #1

  • I guess I apparently signed up for a race, but did not attend. So, it counted me as finishing last place.
  • iRating, -100 points from 1368 to 1268
  • Saftey Rating was unchanged.

Race #2

  • This time I actually got to race. I qualified in 6th postition with a 1:45.535
  • I finished in 7th, 23.111 behind the leader after a 14 lap race
  • My average lap time was 1:47.297
  • The SOF was 1287
  • iRating increased by 14 points up to 1282
  • Safety Rating increased by 0.11 points with only 3 incedents this race
  • I did have one altercation with another driver that was my fault. This drive seemed a bit erratic and was slowing the pace trying to overtake another drive. After numerous mistakes, I decided to try and overtake before more traffic caught us from behind. I was a bit overzealous on my entry into turn 8. I had the inside line, but applied the brakes slightly late and drifted out, missing the apex, colliding with the car.

Race #3

  • I qualified slow in the race. I hit the brakes before the finish the qualify slower to practice moving through the pack and avoiding collisions. I qualified in 15th with a time of 1:46.257
  • I finished 9th in the race, 31.603 behind the leader.
  • My average lap time was 1:46.987
  • The SOF was 1415
  • Safety Rating increased by 0.14 points with no incendents
  • This was a good race. I drove a bit more steady, but still need to work on my pace. My fastest lap in the race was a 1:45.056, which was my fastest lap on the track. I had a couple close calls with other cars, as to be expected in the back of the pack, but one specific instance where I almost crashed. I had a better run out of turn 6 and was moving up along side another car. The other drive was probably trying to take the line for turn 7, but waited a bit long to turn onto the line. I had to hit the brakes to avoid the collision.

Race #4

  • I set a good qualifying lap in this race. I qualified 9th with a time of 1:45.697
  • I finished 14th in the race, 1:18.391 behind the leader
  • My average lap time was 1:50.136
  • the SOF was 1372
  • iRating decreased by 38 points to 1256
  • My Safety Rating increase by 0.07 points with 4 incenents
  • This race wasn’t good! But it was good. The first 30 seconds ruined it. First, the car infront of me did not start. Then, on turn 1, I was two wide with another car. He drifted off his line and bumped into my left front wheel, destroying the suspension linkage. I had to limp around lap 1 to get into the pits and use my fast repair. After that, my lap times were consistent in the high 1:45 range. My fast lap was a 1:45.299. I’ve posted a video of the first 30 seconds below.


With that, I am done with my Skip Barber races for the week. I’ll continue to work on consistency and overall pace next week and see if I can work on avoiding unecessary incedents like the one from racec 4.