The buzz around the house last night was still due to upset stomachs and our family hospital outing on sunday prevented us from our ritualistic grocery store trip. So, we didn’t have any food substantial enough for dinner on Monday night. So, to try to placate the upset stomachs, I walked Madison down to the local subway for a few sandwiches.

I got back, we ate, and my wife wanted me to run to the store to get some supplies for the next few days. I was actually looking for candy bars when I turned around and saw Larabars. Larabars were suggested to me to eat during rides. I have a tendency to lose my appetite and my throat dries making it hard to swallow food. Maybe Larabars would help.


I got these 4 flavors to try.

Larabars seem like a good addition to the nutrition bin. The ingredients lossy is very short and the bars are very tasty. I tried a cashew flavor and a chocolate chip flavor and both were good tasting. I didn’t necessarily find the bars to be any easier to swallow than a clif bar,but there was one distinct advantage that the larabar has over the clif bar.


The larabar can be eaten in about two bites. This is a big advantage in Mountain biking when to don’t have a lot of time to sit there eating while riding a trail. Consistently taking one bite every 30 minutes will be much easier to sustain than having to pull a clif bar out and gnaw on that for 2-3 minutes.


Very short ingredient list.