So, it is now time for me to venture away from the world of mountain biking, again, and onto something different. Like most people, change can be very intimidating and I’m very nervous about moving towards something different. Yet, change is unavoidable right now and the only thing that I can do is embrace it and jump in head first, with no hesitation.

I’ll adjust my training in a haphazard way by adding in a lot of swimming and running and by cutting down my riding. At heart, I am a cyclist, so I plan to keep a nice long endurance ride on the weekend with the occasional epic endurance ride. The rest of my cycling work will most likely be on the trainer and very specific. Swimming and running with be less structured. I merely have to spend more time in my Newtons and in the pool and I should easily see copius amounts of improvement. I will do focused speed work, but the majority of my improvements will come from form drills and increased economy of movement.

Apart from training, my wife will be delivering our second child soon. We have been flagged as a high risk pregnancy and will be delivering out in Los Angeles. It was hard to hear about the news of our baby and we did not want to believe it at first. I think that idea stems from the internet age that we live in today where you seem to read about the seemingly endless number of stories of patients who have beat the odds by experiencing miracle recoveries.

With that said, these next few weeks, with the transition to becoming new parts again and with switching my training from MTB specific to triathlon specific, it will be an interesting period of time.