My recent switch to road shoes/pedals may be the culprit of some knee pain that I have been having lately. Well, I am just recently having it after my long ride out in San Diego County.



The ride was great. We saw some of the most amazing views I have seen while on a bike. There were thousands of picturesque landscapes that I saw, but was unable to take a picture of. Here is one that I did snap a picture of….



I, myself, had both a good and a bad day. I wasn’t expecting scorching temperatures, so started a little later than I should have. I also did not take an inhaler shot before heading out on the ride. I am starting to realize that if I am going to spend more than 3 hours on the bike, the inhaler keeps me from running into respiratory problems later into the ride.

Prior to my lungs failing, I was riding exceptionally. All of my climbs were done at a climbing speed of over 1000m/hr. This isn’t too big of a deal on shorter 10-15 minute long climbs, but on a climb that lasts almost 70 minutes, it is quite the accomplishment, at least for me! In fact, I ended up putting 16 minutes between myself and my riding partner on the Palomar Mountain climb alone.

After we descended down towards Lake Henshaw, it started to get very hot. I think I went through at least eight 24 oz bottles that day and that still was not enough. In fact, I had to endure a 30 minute long stretch without water just because I had run out earlier than I had expected to.

Eventually, we beat the heat and made it around the route we had planned out. The entire route was a blast and I would recommend it to anyone near the San Diego/Escondido area. If you don’t want to do 100 miles, at least go climb up Palomar Mountain. It’s one of the more fun climbs (if you can call a climb fun) in Southern California that I have ridden.