I am revamping my site a little bit here. I get bored of things easily, so I figured it was time for a change. This time, I think I found a nice theme. It is fairly easy to add content and I think it displays it very nicely. I just need to spend some time learning how to use all of the features and add lots of content because this site sure has a nice interface for managing lots of content. So, instead of basically just writing race reports, I am going to do a whole lot more.

I am going to buy a few more mounts for my GoPro (possibly even a second GoPro) and make more videos. I am going to take more pictures when I am traveling for races. I want to document a bit more of what I do so that I can share it with my kids (when I have them) and my grand-kids (because I will have forgetting everything due to alzheimers by then). I also kind of like trying to put fun videos together. I feel that it is a good way for me to share how I feel while I am out riding, or whatever it is that I am doing.

So, in the meantime, hang on and enjoy the videos that I will be posting within the next few days. I am going to go through my old video files and see what I can dig up. If anyone has suggestions on some adrenaline pumping activities, let me know. I’m interested in trying everyth
ing at least once.