This was my second installment of the race.

Last year, I finished in a total time of 8:22.

This year, I bested that time by almost 30 minutes with a time of 7:53.

My training was kind of lackluster leading into this race, so it was more or less just a test for the upcoming 12 hour race. I started out strong and stayed strong until about mile 40, when I started to get discouraged a bit due to missing the trail a couple times. I also started to lose my front brake. My rear brake was never strong.

Ultimately, I finished 6th place against a really strong group of riders. Worse placing than last year, but a much better race overall. It gave me a bit of confidence going into the 12 hour race. If I pace myself correctly, I should stay strong the entire race and ride at a pretty decent pace, too.

For a full race report (and a little video I made from footage from the race), follow the link here.