So, my Sette might be nearing the end of its life.

It had a good run.

I was riding last weekend up Skyline. My plan was to then traverse the main divide, descend motorway, climb maple springs up to santiago peak and then traverse back across the main divide, to skyline and back to my car. Well, I wasn’t riding very well and crashed on the short downhill near the top of skyline, scraped my whole right side and bent my derailleur hanger.

I got up, had some blood but just covered it up with my knee warmer and continued on. I made it across the main divide and descended about 90% of motorway. Then, when it flattened out, I started pedaling when all of a sudden….


My rear wheel locks up. So, I slam the brakes on and come to a stop and my rear derailleur is just mangled in my rear wheel. I walk down the rest of the trail to the road and check out the damage. I get the master link off the chain and get it out. Pull the rear derailleur out of my wheel and notice that I have about 6 broken spokes and my wheel is completely out of true. My hanger is of course snapped in two. My front derailleur got bent when the chain wrapped up around the cassette. Lastly, I noticed that part of my frame got chipped.

So, my wheel is being rebuilt at Don’s Bikes of Rialto. I am assuming my rear derailleur is OK and that just the hanger broke. My front derailleur needs to be replaced. My frame might be able to be repaired. If it can not be repaired, I sure hope Sette has good customer service!

So, once I pulled the rear derailleur out, I started walking. I had parked in Corona and was now stranded in Orange County. I had one guy ask me if I needed anything. I replied, “A ride back to Corona!” He laughed and rode off. I then walked for approximately 10 minutes down silverado canyon road before someone stopped and asked if I was OK. Several other cyclists passed me, waving, saying hi, ignoring me. I got a ride to the Christmas tree farm and called my dad for a ride. I walked around and chatted with some guys from RSS, who were out testing some parts on their GT3 test car. Drool. Sadly, they got a flat just as they started their drive and were stranded, waiting for a tow truck.

As I was driving home after finally getting back, I get a call from Don’s letting me know my new bike was ready! So, I picked it up, got it all set to good and took it out for a nice little 45 mile shake down ride.

I felt good the entire ride, even after my feast at the Hemet market (Limon Lays chips and a giant slim jim).

In other news, I got official confirmation that I will be attending the Whiskey 50 in the pro field. So, I will be taking part in the fat tire criterium on Friday evening and the 50 mile pro race on Sunday. I am very excited to be lining up with the guys I have been reading about and admiring for so many years. I guess I better start training for reals.

2011 Whiskey Off-Road Endurance Mountain Bike Event & Festival from Epic Rides on Vimeo.