It’s Saturday morning and I am out in Reno, Nevada. I got out here last night. The trip went well. I had to drive to the airport, take a short 1 hour flight to San Francisco, them take and even shorter (22 minute) flight into Reno.

Just as I landed, my team mates had arrived and saved me from taking the shuttle. They picked me up and I rode in an ice chest over to the hotel where we managed to get everything unloaded and into the rooms.

Today will be full of bike and vehicle checks, a short ride to make sure out equipment is all dialed in, and a drive though the first part of the course so the our crew is confident they know the proper tuns for the route in to the finish.

I’m full of a mix of emotions as I watch the sun start to crest over the mountains just outside my window. The orange and red glow just seam to radiate off the hill top. First, I miss my wife and daughter. Secondly, I am excited to put all the hard work that I have done in training to the test and see where I stack up with the other athletes that ere crazy enough to attempt this race. Thirdly, and most important, I am extremely nervous. I have had problems on both of our training rides. I am fairly sure that I have worked out my problems, but I won’t really know until I pass the true test, the Silver State 508.

P.S. How often do you think that the fasten seatbelt tags get sewn on airplane chairs upside down? I’m sure it is pretty rare, maybe a good sign?IMG_2414.JPG