The start of the race is here. We are all checked in, past inspection, loaded up, and ready to go. Or at least we hope we are ready to go.

I don’t know where it is coming from, but I am more nervous than usual, before a race. Maybe it isn’t even nerves, but a mix of emotions. This will be my first attempt at a race like this. I have done similar stuff, 2 person team at 24 hours, but this will be slightly different.

First, we are stuck sitting in a car when we are resting. Not the most comfortable way to lead between riding. Secondly, our riding is not split evenly throughout the race. I will have 80% of my riding done in the first half of the race.

Now it is time to double check everything, suit up and head to the start line. The hardest part, I think for me, will be to ignore what my brain is telling me I should be doing based on the current situation and rely on what I have learned in training.