I think I’ve had a training breakthrough today. I was supposed to go out for a long endurance ride. I was even planning on meeting up with a group. Instead, I stayed home and took care of stuff around the house that I’d been putting off for over a month.

So what was the breakthrough? It was the realization that riding is not the most important thing in my life. If I am worrying about the pile of dishes left in the sink or the mess I’ve left in the garage, I’m not going to have a good ride and I’m going to stress the entire time because I know there is a mess back at home that I’m going to have to return to.

How am I going to use this new information moving forward? I’m going to take some of the skills that I am good at and apply them to chores. Every time I think of something that needs to be done, I’ll add it to a list. I’ll review the list daily and try to get a couple items done each day. I can then use the list along with my training plan to see when I’m getting to a point where I might have to take a day or two off to catch up at home before getting back on the carbon steed.

I’ve also realized that I so try to pack too much into a day sometimes and I can add more hours to my day by splitting up errands with my wife. I can stay home and clean bikes with my daughter while my wife goes and gets the groceries.

I’m running out of time to train and prepare for the 24 hour race, but I think I’m more motivated than I have been in a very long time. Let’s see what I can eek out in these next 6 weeks.


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