So, I’ve been training for triathlon for a little while now. This will be my second year doing a handful of SBR (swim bike run, for the uninitiated) races. I followed the same pattern as last year; Big Bear triathlon in June, then Santa Barbara triathlon in August.

The Big Bear triathlon has come and gone. I made a pretty big improvement on my overall time. I finished 15 minutes faster than I did the prior year. Even with such a big time improvement, I was 15th place overall. I’ll post again soon detailing the race and how I felt. I think that will be important to revisit in the future so I can improve upon what I did not do well and avoid the mistakes I made.

Coming up in just over 4 weeks is the next event on my calendar, Santa Barbara triathlon. This was ultimately the race that I was training for and planning my season around. I say that it was because I’m indifferent about the results now. I am now using it sorry of as a confidence booster heading into a big training block for the Oceanside 70.3 race that will take place on April 1, 2017. I’ve done Oceanside before and ultimately want to finish in under 5 hours. Going under 4:30 would be a dream and evidence that I’ve finally become a fast triathlete.

Shifting gears back to Sabra Barbara, there are less than 5 weeks to go. I was having a hard time getting my training organized. Partly because I want to believe I have more training time than I actually do and partly because I am a cyclist at heart and always try to plan in way too much saddle time. So, u tried something new and picked an 8 week long specialty training plan for I chose the Olympic distance triathlon plan, the high volume one. It is a lot of training time, but not outrageously so. The cycling ranges from 5-8 hours a week and running/swimming build onto that.

Knowing that I for into this plan late, I will have some leniency, but I am using Santa Barbara as a vetting race for the trainerroad style training plan. If all goes well, I will take the same style plan, but use the medium volume half Ironman plan, and use that for a long 24 week build into Oceanside.

And yes, you read that right. I will use the medium volume plan. The high volume plan was a little too much for me. So, using the medium volume plan makes the weekly volume more realistic and it gives me freedom to supplement in extra time where I need the most work.

With the big focus on triathlon, I’ve been doing less of the big epic rides I know and love. Yet, somehow, I managed to get out fire a big fun ride last weekend. I met my wife at the end of the ride afterwards to get in a brick run after. It was brutal, but I made it through. See the ride below and enjoy a couple pictures that I took. I plan to do more fun rides like this moving forward. There’s nothing that makes me enjoy getting out to ride and train more than a big mountain climb.