Cross training is always allowed in endurance sports, right? Well, if it isn’t, it should be.

Instead of doing my endurance ride on a pedal power bicycle, I went out with my friend, Nick, with some horse powered bikes. We hoped on our dual sport bikes and set out early in the morning. Nick just picked up a new bike and was doing his first big dirt ride with it. It is a bit heavier than his old MX bike and I think he was getting used to the weight, so I rode a bit faster than him. I wasn’t riding my best either, after having not been on the moto for a while. I think we both had a blast and decided that at least once a month, we need to get out for big loops.

The route we took had us start through rechce canyon and take a detour through gilman springs before eventually making it to Hemet and hwy 74. We quickly hopped off highway 74 onto the bee canyon truck trail and took some OHV roads up the mountain in Idyllwild. We had a good, but over priced, breakfast in town and started heading back. We took a small bail out around little Thomas mountain instead of going all the way up and over Thomas mountain. After what seemed like a descent that lasted for 40 minutes, we were back on highway 74. We were running out of time and settled for taking streets the rest of the way home, but still ended with 135 miles. It was a nice change from the usually cycling and still provided somewhat of an endurance workout.

I put together a small video. It didn’t come out all that well, but I’ll keep practicing (on the moto and with filming/editing) and hopefully have some more exciting stuff in the future. Either way, it was still a fun day. Hopefully, the first of many.