It’s that time of the year again. The whiskey off-road. What started out as a great event is still a great event. There are some changes this year, including a different start and course “otions.”

One thing that had changed over the years, is me. I just don’t have the motivation this year. I can’t pinpoint why. Perhaps it is that I am much more aware of myself and how my body responds and that makes me feel less fit than prior years. As if I’ve already determined in my mind that I’m going to be slow and bonk coming up from skull valley. If this is what I am telling myself 90 minutes before the race, then off course I’m not going to want to race. And when the race finally starts, I’m going to let the back of the pack seduce me and I’m going to be miserable.

I have less than 90 minutes now, to bring myself out of the funk. To remember why I get on my bike and spend the time and the money training. Of course I want to do well in the race, but that’s not the reason. It is just an added bonus.